Saddleback Connections is proud to offer condo and homeowner association members our high speed DSL and phone package powered by FairPoint Communications. 

Below you will find the install and service rates for this exciting program.  Call 1-877.864.3130 (207.864.3130) or e-mail with any questions or to see if your association qualifies.

Phone/DSL Package

High Speed DSL and Voice Package Offering a 3.0 Mbps/768 kbps DSL internet service, business grade centrex phone service and nationwide long distance for $.05/minute.


2nd Voice Line


Optional Monthly Services

Voice-Mail $6/month

Phone Book Listing

Modem Installation Options
Owner provided Modem Installed     $ 69

Westell 7500 Wireless Modem Installed (recommended)

Other Services
Filtering for your existing fire/low temp service (if applicable) $50

In-wall/Equipment Room Install and Filtering ( if necessary) 


We strive to provide the best in service to you and look forward to hearing from you with any comments or questions.

*Billed quarterly in advance.


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